The Freehander: The ultimate attachment for hands-free door opening

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The Freehander is available in the following colors:

For orders of 100 sets or more, we will create our door openers in your favorite or company colors so that you can adapt the Freehander to your individual requirements. Custom colors are also available upon request.

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Freehander: Don't get physical, use your elbow!

The Freehander is an attachment for hands-free door opening. Of course, it was born out of the Corona crisis: The Freehander is designed to protect people from infection and help them to return to a safe everyday life. It is a contribution to more security in your own household, at work or in public buildings.

The Freehander has a high practical value beyond the pandemic. If you can open or close the door with your forearm, you have both hands free - whether for coffee trays, files from the next department or to carry something into the cellar. The Freehander is a practical innovation, and people are happy about it even after the crisis.

The Freehander can be easily installed on almost any door handle and provides a firm grip for everyday use. With its well thought-out functionality it is a good example of the sensible use of plastic. The material is resistant and durable, easy to clean, flexible in color.

In the Freehander environment, however, alternatives are deliberately used: The packaging consists of paper and cardboard. And because the Freehander only serves its purpose when it is used properly, each package comes with a label.

In difficult times a good product can support good projects. Therefore, 50 cents of the purchase price will go to the aftercare clinic for children in Tannheim. Stay healthy!

Here is how the Freehander works:

The Freehander is an attachment which allows you to open and close doors hands-free. Diseases can be spread through the touching of door handle surfaces. Thanks to the Freehander, doors can now be operated with a forearm or elbow. This not only reduces the risk of infection, but also keeps your hands free for more important things. The Freehander combines hygiene and autonomy for families, employees, and customers! The outstanding functionality of the Freehander begins with its simple assembly. Four bolts are used to clamp the Freehander to all types of lever-style door handles both vertically and longitudinally. The installation requires no tools other than an allen key.

The surface of the Freehander is smooth and easy to clean, and resists harsh disinfectants. Because it is made of flame-retardant plastic, the Freehander can be installed in public buildings.

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The Freehander has been tested on these commercially available door handles

We tried it: The Freehander fits onto all common door shapes! On an expedition to numerous hardware stores, we collected all the common door handles and mounted our prototypes on them, then made improvements where necessary. Having done these practical tests, we are willing to swear up and down that the Freehander will fit onto your door handle, guaranteed! Unless it was designed by Colani ;-)

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