The Freehander: The ultimate attachment for hands-free door opening

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Freehander: Hands off! Use your elbow!

The Freehander is a simple mechanical attachment for lever type door handles that enables hands-free opening. Born out of the Covid-19 crisis, the Freehander helps protect people from infection and supports a safe return to everyday life.

The Freehander also offers highly practical benefits. When you open and close doors with your forearm, you are free to use both of your hands for other things – be that a coffee tray or files from the department next door. That is something to be happy about even after the crisis.

The Freehander can easily and securely be installed on almost any lever style door handle for everyday use. This well designed and highly functional innovation is an excellent example of an effective use of plastics. The packaging is made of paper and cardboard.

In difficult times, good products can support good causes. That’s why 50 cents go to the Tannheim Aftercare Clinic for every unit sold. Stay healthy!